Set of 3 x 3 ml ampoules with skin-toning effect.

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The set contains 3 x 3 ml ampoules of Detox Europea Skin Oil and is ideal for an intensive treatment. Facial oil with a toning effect. This skin oil, rich in active substances, regenerates, strengthens and revitalises the skin, stimulating the metabolism and the vital lymph flow; releasing deposits in the tissues and vessels. The whole organism is well-supplied with blood, leaving a visible, tangible effect on cellulite. Intensive acting anti-oxidants, high-quality plant proteins and important sulphur-containing amino-acids unleash a regenerative effect. Detox Oil imparts new elasticity to the skin; facial and body contours become more distinct. The fine fragrance caresses all the senses. For beautiful, firm and smooth skin.

Ideal as a serum for oily skin.

Ampoules – How to use

Do not open ampoules with your bare hands!
Opening the ampoule:
1. Let the serum flow from the tip of the ampoule by tapping it downwards.
2. Hold the marking point so that it is facing upwards towards yourself.
3. To protect your hands, place a cosmetic tissue around the ampoule or use the ampoule opener.
4. Break off the ampoule tip in the opposite direction to the point.

Applying the serum:
Release the serum by tapping on the open ampoule. Gradually pour the content of the ampoule into your cupped hand. Avoid direct contact between the broken part of the ampoule and your skin. Only then apply the serum with your finger tips to the cleansed skin of your face, neck and cleavage, and gently pat it in for a few minutes. Then apply your usual care.
Apply the serum repeatedly to your skin in the morning, evening and in between. In stressful situations, apply the serum to your temples, hairline, inner wrist and to the side of your neck.

Please note:
- For external use only
- Store safely out of the reach of children
- Ampoules are intended for immediate use after opening


Sesamum indicum nigrum*, cupressus sempervirens oil, helichrysum italicum extract, laurus nobilis oil, juniperus commiunis oil, citrus medica limonum oil, citrus aurantium dulcis oil, limone­ne**, linalool**, eugenol**, neral**, geranial**

* certified organic plantation
** component of fragrance


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Set of 3 x 3 ml ampoules with skin-toning effect.

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